APRIL FOOLS: Let's debunk being too old with Dennis Selke & being too young Laura DiBennedetto

Is success constrained to an age range? Nah.

We’re talking to Dennis Selke who after marrying the love of his life, building a successful career, and retiring, went back to school 30 years after starting so that he can land his dream role as an architect.
And Laura DiBenedetto about her early success as a TEDx Speaker, #1 Bestselling author of The Six Habits and Life Mastery Coach. Laura teaches how to create the life of our dreams without sacrificing what we love. As Founder and CEO of Vision Advertising, a company that she built aged 19, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build and grow profitable enterprises entirely on their terms. You can grab her book here: https://www.thesixhabits.com/

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